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The Way We Work Now
An interview series featuring everyday Americans whose careers have fundamentally changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
A Generation of Teens Are Left to Mourn What Could Have Been
Teen columnist Kaia Ross reflects on the bittersweet experience of entering her senior year of high school in the midst of a global pandemic.
Marianne Williamson Hasn’t Even Locked the Goop Vote
How Gwyneth Paltrow and the 2020 presidential race’s most (in)famous mystic are monetizing our anxiety.
The Agonizing Purgatory of Waiting to Have a Job Again
They might be going back to work, or they might not. Why furloughed workers embody the uncertainty of the next phase of the pandemic.
My Rich Boss Wanted to Pay Me Off the Books. Now I Can’t Get Unemployment.
An anonymous nanny dishes on the wealthy New York families who fled to the Hamptons to ride out the pandemic, leaving caregivers behind.
We're Living in the Golden Age of Garbage Sons
From Hunter Biden to the manic trio of brothers from Succession, tortured white men are showcasing the fine art of failing up.
Big Tech Failed to Keep a Massacre From Going Viral
The aftermath of the shooting rampage in Christchurch, New Zealand, exemplified the inherent pitfalls of expecting tech companies to self-police content.
How Sanctuary Cities Became the Greatest Scapegoat
A symbolic fight over sanctuary cities helped derail the entire immigration debate — sinking any lingering hope of comprehensive reform.
Georgia Cops Turned Traffic Stops Into a Pipeline to Deportation
The Intercept
An investigation into skyrocketing arrests in the suburbs of Atlanta shows the early influence of the Trump administration's crackdown on immigration.
My Family Was Interned. Now They’re With Trump.
The New York Times
You'd think their experience of living in Japanese internment camps would make them fearful of a xenophobic candidate like Donald Trump. But guess again.