Hi, I'm Amanda Sakuma
a journalist at Medium.

Here is a sampling of video packages that I reported, wrote, and produced for MSNBC broadcast and digital.

I also traveled across the country for live coverage of major breaking news events, including the Ferguson protests, the migration surge along the U.S.-Mexico border, Black Lives Matter protests in Baltimore, and immigration reform efforts on Capitol Hill. I've appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, Melissa Harris-Perry, Hardball With Chris Matthews, Jose Diaz-Balart, and more. You can find archives of those media hits here at MSNBC.com, and also recorded on my grandma's DVR.

Here Are All the Countries Cut Off By Trump's Muslim Ban
If Donald Trump were to commit to his proposed Muslim ban, foreign policy experts predict he could easily ban one-third of the world.
Welcome to America, Where People Are Jailed for Being Poor
Shift | MSNBC
Qumotria Kennedy was thrown in jail for five nights after being unable to pay traffic fines. The ACLU says her case is part of a modern-day scourge of debtors' prisons
What it’s Like to be White in Ferguson
Melissa Harris-Perry show | MSNBC
How the 29% of white Ferguson residents are coping with the national protests, heightened media attention, and racial reckoning in the wake of Michael Brown's death.